Some Advice for Dealing with an Auto Accident

by | Jan 4, 2013 | Automobile maintenance‎


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If you’ve been in a car accident of any sort, even the most minor of fender benders, there will be an intense adrenaline reaction. The response is both physiological and psychological, but you must try to control your response during the period because you do have to act intelligently. The first thing to do is not accept blame right off the bat. If you’re a kid (under 25) and the accident involved an adult, your knee jerk reaction to getting yelled at will either be “apologize” or “insecure apology” but you need to stifle either reaction, be calm and polite but not take the blame on yourself. Along the way you will need to deal with insurance, arrange for collision repair, and make sure you don’t get blamed for things that aren’t your fault. The good news is that none of this is affected by regional policy and law, so while accent and lexicon might change from Mobile, Alabama, to Corvalis, OR the strategy doesn’t.

You obviously don’t want things to escalate at the site of an accident. First though, make sure no one’s hurt, if anyone is hurt call for medical assistance, obviously use 911 if necessary. If no one is hurt, be polite courteous but not a rag doll. Exchange insurance information, and since you most likely have a cell phone with a camera, take some pictures.

As soon as you get back write your account down and tell it to someone else close to you. You want to remember your side of things because memory is a tricky thing. You also want to call your insurance quickly. You want to make sure the incident is reported and that you can arrange for collision repair in Corvalis, OR. Even if your car is drivable it’s best to get things arranged as quickly as possible.

Some serious advice: do not claim more damages than were done. There seems to be a prevalent temptation for older adults to do this in cases dealing with young people. One example would be a driver who scratched his expensive trailer crushing a 19 year old boy’s car putting in a claim for the entire value of the trailer. Another would be a driver who backed into a 20 year old boy’s car in a drive way with no apparent damage to his pick up putting in a six thousand dollar claim. The temptation seems to be that since young men are such bad drivers and such serious risk factors that you can put in massive collision repair claims and it will be accepted.

When it comes to picking out a collision repair specialist your best bet is to find a local group that will help you with as much as possible. Ideally if you live in Mobile you find someone in Mobile, if you’re in Corvalis, OR then you find someone for collision repair in Corvalis, OR. Look for a place that can arrange the tow, arrange a rental, and can handle a wide array of problems because collisions can do a lot of damage.

Car accidents are bad enough, but being stuck without a car is almost worse. At Free Bird Body and Paint collision repair center in Corvalis, OR they can get your car back on the road quickly. Whatever your car is, foreign or domestic, metal, fiberglass, or plastic, they can handle your needs. If you want a free estimate they can reached via phone at 541- 753-9354

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