Signs That Indicate You Need Brake Repairs

by | Jun 8, 2015 | Automobile maintenance‎


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When your car is working as intended it is easy to lose sight of the fact that you are guiding a massive weight made up of metal, glass and plastic and you are doing so at highway speeds. Under ideal conditions at highway speed, say 60 MPH, if you have to come to a sudden stop you will need at least the length of a football field in which to do it in. This assumes that the brakes on your automobile are in tip-top shape. Many things can and does go wrong with a car but perhaps the most critical are the brakes, it is imperative that they function perfectly and to ensure this periodic service and repair will ne needed.

Brakes are not something “sexy” like a wonderful interior but they are certainly a critical component of any car. It is important that as the driver you pay attention to the signs that tell you that it is time for brake repair in Orland Park; it might just mean the difference between life and death.

There are some very obvious signs, if the brake light on the dash comes on or if your senses tell you that the car is not braking as it has done in the past then these are indications that you should have the brakes checked and possibly repaired. Although these are two dead giveaways that there are problems with the brakes they are not the only signs that your brakes are in less than perfect operating condition.

* Worn brake pads: Brake pads are usually metal impregnated or ceramic, they are the things that close on the spinning brake disc so they take plenty of abuse. To see if the pads are worn simply look between the spokes of the wheels on your car and you will be looking at the rotor and a caliper. It is the caliper that holds the brake pads, these pads are visible. The best you can do without taking the car in for an inspection is to estimate their condition, if they appear to be at least a quarter inch thick they are still fine.

* Noises: Brake pads have a small imbedded indicator in the pad material, when the pads are worn to the point where they need replacing a loud squeal is put out. Even before you hear the squeal you may hear a grinding noise, this is an indication of metal rubbing on the disc and brake repair in Orland Park is urgently needed.

* Pulling: When you apply the brakes the car should come to a straight stop. If the car starts to pull off to one side or the other this is a sure sign that brake service is due.

Be on the lookout for these indicators. For your safety as well as the safety of others, the brakes on your car must be in perfect working order.

If you have any reason to believe that the brakes on your car are not performing properly then don’t wait, take the car for brake repair in Orland Park immediately. You are invited to take your car to VIP Tire & Auto Centers. For more informatiom visit VIP Tire.

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