Month: November 2011


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Buying a used car, not a bad buyout

Buying a car of one's own is probably what most people think of. There are a lot of considerations that are to be given thought to. The budget comes first in the list. According to what your pocket permits, decide between new and used cars. The next question that pops...

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Auto repair? Ditch the mechanic, do it by self

Vehicles are inseparable from our lives. Transport is an integral part of daily transit, or for far away vacations. People have their own choices, some stick with public transport, others are comfortable driving their own cars. Like any other machinery, cars are bound...

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A luxury van can be quite an expensive and an inconvenient affair. With petrol prices being on a constant rise, maintaining one of these is very difficult. But today, with global warming as a serious matter of concern, electric vans are gaining immense popularity...

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