Classic Car Restoration – Tips on how to install headliner

by | Sep 13, 2016 | Auto Parts


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Classic Car Restoration – Tips on how to install headliner

When doing restoration on Mopar classic car, the interior is also important. Finding the Mopar interior parts can be harder since each model of this classic car has its own parts. Once you can source the Mopar restoration parts, they need to be installed. While you could take your Mopar car to a repair shop to have the interior part installed, you can also install the Mopar interior parts yourself. Here are some tips to help you install a headliner in a Mopar car.

1. Before Starting

Before you start mounting the headliner, you need to make sure that all the headliner bow clips if needed are installed in the correct location. The headliner bow clip is normally located in slots along the roof line. If your headliner bows have a “dogleg” they will sit into holes and will not use a clip. If any of the clips are damaged, make sure to replace them before starting the install of the other Mopar interior parts. Also make sure when you remove your bows you note the correct order.

2. Insulation

Most likely the headliner insulation will have fallen down once you remove the headline. A new headliner insulation pad is readily available and easy to install with spray adhesive.

3. Start at the Rear

After checking the insulation and replacing it if needed, you can start loosely fitting the headliner bows into place. Once the bows are in place you can then start by placing the headliner in the car starting at the rear and working forward. Finding the correct front to back position is important, so take your time.

4. Remove Extra Material

There is always left over material when you are replacing the headliner. You will only need about 4 to 6 inches of access material to install the headliner and make it secure.

5. Avoid Installing in Cold Weather

If you can wait to install your Mopar interior parts, like a headliner, until warm weather, then do so. Cold weather causes there to be more wrinkles right after installing and as time goes on. Warm weather also allows you to stretch out the wrinkles, and it will not get as many wrinkles from the change in temperature.

Keeping a Mopar car looking its best means that you will need to take care of the interior. Mopar interior parts make it easy to keep your car looking stylish and comfortable when driving. Headliners are one of the easiest classic Mopar parts to install if you are willing to take your time. Just remember that even though what is under the hood is important, there is much more you can do to restore a Mopar car.

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