Your Old Junk Car Is Worth Money

by | Aug 20, 2020 | Auto Parts


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If you have a junk car sitting around your home it is not only an eyesore it can be a dangerous play place for neighborhood kids. For whatever reason getting rid of it is a good idea, furthermore, you can deal with companies that offer cash for cars in Chicago. These companies buy junk cars, strip them of any useable parts they can sell and then send the rest for recycling. There are a couple things that you have to do first:

Make sure you own it: If you own it you will have the title, if you don’t own it; then get it. Junk yards cannot accept the vehicle is it is not accompanied by the title. Before you arrange to have it picked up establish ownership.

Assess the value first: Before you call around to get prices from those that offer cash for cars in Chicago, do a little homework to determine if there is a blue book value. There may be times when you can spend a few dollars to put the car back on the road and increase the value considerably. In many cases cars that are driven onto the junkyard lot are worth more than those that have to be picked up.

The last thing that you should do before you turn the car over is check and make sure that you have checked it thoroughly just in case there is any personal property under the seats or in the trunk.

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