Signs You Need a Transmission Service in Lake Elsinore, CA

by | Oct 4, 2016 | Automotive


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Your transmission is a vital part of your vehicle, because it is the mechanical component of your car that transfers power from the engine to the wheels, thus the name. Since your transmission transmits power to the wheels, you cannot drive without it functioning properly. It is also a fairly complex piece of equipment, which is why there are transmission service specialists.

These are mechanics who have a special knowledge of the inner workings of a transmission. If you have a transmission problem, you could end up seeing one of these people. Fixing a transmission is expensive and time-consuming. It is much less expensive and much faster if you catch a problem early. Here are a few warning signs.

Lagging or Chugging

If you have an automatic transmission, your car changes gears based on several inputs. You can feel it when it changes gears. If you’ve been driving the car for awhile, you can probably notice when that feeling changes. If you notice a lagging or a slowness while your car is trying to change gears, you have a problem with your transmission and need to seek a transmission service in Lake Elsinore, CA. If you catch it early, it shouldn’t be a huge problem, but only a specialist can know for sure.

Grinding Sounds

In both an automatic and manual transmission, grinding is never a good sign. Grinding gears when you are trying to shift is an indication of some kind of damage to your transmission. It could be a problem with the alignment of gears, the hydraulics, or the transmission fluid. This is a sign of a bigger problem in the making. That problem won’t go away on its own. Transmission service specialists need to investigate the source of the grinding.

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