Why is Wheel Balancing so Important?

by | Oct 8, 2014 | Auto Parts


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Balancing wheels, have you done it before? Do you know why you have to do it? Maybe yes, you are doing it for quite some time now, but no, you never really realized why it is important. Let this article take you to a short fun ride towards knowing the importance of balancing your wheels. Now, sit back, relax and continue reading to understand more about wheel balancing.

Balancing wheels

Wheels are part of your investment. If you want to have a good investment, then you should know important stuff about it; stuff like wheel balancing. So, what is wheel balancing? Well, wheel balancing, according to tyre and wheel expert, Sean Philips, is the “process of equalizing the weight of the combined tyre and wheel assembly.” It is done every time you place a new tyre on your car. It is a must. Why is it so? You’ll know it later. One more important thing you should know. The balance of your wheels changes over time. It is not fixed. Thus, it sometimes requires you to rebalance your wheels.

Balanced wheels – where can it take you?

What’s in it for you? Why do you have to balance your wheels? Let the following statements drive you to a more exciting joyride in knowing the importance of wheel balancing. The benefits of having balanced wheel are like chains. They are connected to each other so that if you grab the end, you are assured that you can get all others that are chained.

Lesser Tyre Bounce Equals Smoother Rides

With balanced wheels, you can have smoother rides. It is because when your wheels are balanced, it prevents the wheel and tyre vibrations because it lessens the tyre bounce. This vibration can affect the whole ride. When out for long trips where you are expected to keep your hands on the steering wheel and your eyes and mind focused on the road, extra other disturbances can give you frustrations and make your long ride more tiring.

Longer Tyre Life

Moreover, balancing wheels allows your tyre to have a longer life. Because it lessens/prevents vibration, it also lessens the damages to wheels. Vibration varies the contact pressure to the roads. This varying contact pressure might lead to irregular abrasion and worst, to premature removal of the tyre.

Guaranteed Road Safety

More than that, it can also give you safety. Few of the obvious effects of imbalanced wheels are the up and down movement of the steering wheel and felt vibration on the seats. These can cause uneasiness that may lead to distractions while you are controlling the wheel.

All of these result to your satisfaction. Balancing wheels might be a small process, but it relatively gives you good benefits. To summarize this, it is important to balance your wheels because it is your investment. It is for your safety and satisfaction. Always remember, good wheels can take you to good places, safely and in one piece. Get your car wheels alligned at Canterbury Tyre & Mag Supamart & have a safe drive!

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