Why Choose an Independent Auto Shop for Volkswagen Repair

by | Nov 30, 2018 | Auto Repair


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Owning a European car does have some disadvantages, such as where to go for inexpensive Volkswagen repair in Chicago. You’ve likely heard that it’s always best to go to a dealership for repairs because they have OEM parts and know what they’re doing, but they’re more expensive, and you might not find a dealership in your area.


While OEM parts are considered the best options, many repair shops do offer OEM parts or similar. Plus, they can get the parts cheaper, which means you can save money. If you’re unsure of the part they’re using, ask them about it, such as who manufactured it, whether it’s safe for use on your vehicle, and more. Qualified and trustworthy technicians and shop owners are going to be straightforward and honest.


While some say that you can’t get an experienced technician outside a dealership, most auto repair shops have trained and qualified technicians on hand. If you’re unsure, you may want to talk to them directly before letting them do any work or give you a quote. As if the technicians have worked on Volkswagen vehicles in the past, how often, and how many. Along with such, the technician at the auto shop may be better suited to locate the problem with more accuracy than a dealership.

Customer Service

Many owners of foreign vehicles complain that customer service at dealerships isn’t great. They tend to want you to trade up and buy a new car, which means they may put the sales pitch to you every time you enter. Most people want to get things taken care of and move on, and independent auto shops can do that.

Volkswagen repair in Chicago isn’t easy, so visit the qualified technicians at Chicago Motors Auto Service; visit their site to learn more.

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