Should You Consider a Jeep Compass?

by | Dec 5, 2018 | Automotive


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Purchasing a Jeep Compass in Cicero could be the best option for you. Its interesting design makes it hard to find a niche, but it’s an excellent option for those who don’t want a subcompact or mid-sized SUV. Last year, it was redesigned, which places it in the compact class, giving it off-road and utility prowess as well as the fact that it looks good on the road. You get an inexpensive vehicle with off-road capabilities.

Iconic Exterior

The first generation of the vehicle suffered because it didn’t look like other Jeep vehicles. However, the 2018 version has changed all that. It’s recognizable as a Jeep product because it now has a seven-slot grille and raised bumper. It also has prominent cladding and an aggressive stance that showcase its ability to go off-roading.

Excellent Interior

The interior is something to marvel, and many people have taken to calling it a scaled-down version of the Grand Cherokee. Most of the materials found inside are the same or similar to its sibling and design is similar, as well. If you like the Grand Cherokee look, you’re sure to love the Compass.

Storage Options

While it doesn’t have the same modular setup as the Wrangler, the Compass interior can be switched around to hold large cargo. The rear seats fold down easily, which forms a flat floor for cargo. The front passenger seat can also fold up to handle longer cargo. Hidden compartments are also available that offer more space.

Good Handling

Because of its off-roading capabilities, the suspension handles bumps and turns efficiently and the steering has excellent feedback.

The Jeep Compass in Cicero is an excellent option for people who want an SUV without the significant size, so visit Hawk Chrysler Dodge Jeep and start searching their inventory.

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