Tips to Reliable Car Repairs in Goodyear AZ

by | May 28, 2020 | Auto Repair


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Finding a shop that you can rely on for reliable Car Repairs in Goodyear AZ remains an area of concern. There is only one shop with the reputation and integrity that is worth recommending and that is Champs Family Automotive. Vehicles nowadays have so much electronic equipment, it doesn’t leave much room for those DIY people who want to fix their car on their own. You better know your stuff if you are going to venture down that path. Typically, most DIY projects end up costing more in the long run because you are not properly diagnosing the problem which means that the root problem can possibly lead to additional failures. Fact is, state of the art diagnostic equipment costs shops a lot of money to acquire and is out of the reach for most DIY mechanics.

Common Issues From Shady Repair Shops

When a person needs auto repair or maintenance, it is important to find a shop you can trust. One of the most common issues that the industry faces is around pricing. It is crucial that you ensure that you get a detailed estimate and a copy of the vehicle inspection before agreeing to any repairs. This is a legal protection for you and one that is not always provided by service advisors. Moreover, prices in one auto repair shop may be significantly lower than another, but this does not always mean better service for lower prices. The important things to consider is transparency, experience, and reputation.

For instance, some shops charge less than others for a repair because they are putting poor quality parts in customers vehicle. Yes, the part is cheaper but it’s cheaper because the quality of the part is cheap and typically doesn’t have much of a warranty, nor will the shop stand behind the work they performed. We actually come across this quiet often, especially in Goodyear. Customers will price shop us and will go with the cheaper shop, but you get what you pay for. More often than not the other shop doesn’t repair the vehicle properly, causing the customer to bring it in to us and is upset that they invested all this money into the vehicle already, but it didn’t fix the problem. We then have to explain to the customer we understand their frustrations but the money spent was not with us and we cannot change who they originally went to for the repairs, but all we can do is fix what we know and can prove is wrong with their vehicle.

A dishonest mechanic will tend to inflate its margin of profit by increasing the labor time granted for each repair. Know that for each car model, the manufacturer establishes certain numbers that determine the time to be provided for each repair. A professional mechanic that offers car repairs near Goodyear AZ must be able to present this scale during their consultation. This will also help people know if a certain professional is equipped to repair new models, old models, or specialty vehicles.

Rapid diagnosis, poor vehicle inspection, and on-the-fly estimates are all terrible practices that have become widespread to try and get consumers to agree to services. Once they have started repairs, they will typically come back with additional costs and parts that need to fixed. Be sure to follow the steps below to avoid them. As soon as a person arrives at a repair shop, they should stay in contact with the service advisor or mechanic. A detailed estimate should be provided for every recommended repair. In some cases, shops will provide photos and video of the inspection or failed parts which offers greater transparency. These items ensure that only the repairs indicated on the estimate are approved for repair, avoiding unexpected costs for non-approved services.

If you are looking for a shop that operates with integrity, has a great reputation in the community, and provides affordable car repairs, than you might want to consider Champs Family Automotive in Goodyear, AZ.

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