Tips on Getting Auto Repair Indio Area

by | Apr 25, 2013 | Repair


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Whether you are an individual with one or two cars, or a company with a fleet of cars, at some point you are going to be needing some auto repair work. It can be unnerving to deal with a car that won’t start, or is making some odd noise, or having any other issue. Here are a few tips for Auto Repair Indio customers to consider.

First of all, locate a garage that is convenient to you. While this is especially true if you must have the car towed, it is also true for repairs that will take longer than you would like to wait for. Having to get transportation back home and then back to the garage will be easier if it isn’t too far away.

Auto Repair Indio customers should also consider just what types of repairs the various garages perform. Since you may not know what is wrong with the car, it makes sense to use a garage that can handle whatever the situation may be. For example, even if you suspect it is the brakes, taking it to a shop that only does brakes may not work out if it turns out to be something else. If this happens you may end up having to move the car to another location. On the other hand, if you are absolutely sure that you want to have the brakes repaired, then going to a shop that specializes in brakes is smart.

Another thing that Auto Repair Indio customers should consider is that it never hurts to establish a relationship with one garage. This is especially true for those with a fleet of cars. If a garage gets to know you, it is more likely that you will get repeat customer discounts.

There are times when going to the dealership for a repair is a good thing, and there are times when going to a general garage makes more sense. Dealerships will often charge more but they may be the best for warranty type issues. A general garage can often obtain either manufacturer parts or after market parts, whichever you choose to use. This can sometimes save a great deal of money.

Bottom line is when getting a car repaired there are more than a few options so considering all the options can be a wise thing to do.

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