How to do an Oil Change Murray

by | Apr 25, 2013 | Repair


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Motor oil for your car is like water for your body. Your vehicle needs oil to operate functionally. The oil flows through your car’s vehicle to lubricate the engine and fuel the vehicle. Keeping clean oil in your car is extremely important to your vehicle. It needs the right amount and right type of oil for it to run efficiently and effectively.

Most car dealers will tell you to get an Oil Change in Murray every three months if you have a newer vehicle. For older vehicles, every six months is sufficient. Your car’s manual will let you know what type of engine oil to use when you are ready for an Oil Change Murray.

Before you begin to do an Oil Change In Murray, you will need a large container, oil filter, and tools like a nice-seized wrench. Mount the vehicle to give you enough room to get under the vehicle. Make sure the vehicle is mounted safely. You don’t need to put in on jacks unless you can’t reach the oil can underneath the car.

Place a container large enough to hold the oil, at least a gallon sized container. Once you have located the oil pan under the car, remove it by unplugging the pan and letting the oil flow into the container. Make sure all the oil has been drained out of the vehicle. Then put the drain plug back on the pan. Dispose of the old oil filter. Lubricate the new oil filter by putting some of the new oil. Be sure the new filter is tightly secured.

Then it is time to add the new oil under the hood. Get under the hood, take off the cap to the oil. Place a funnel inside the oil securely. Pour the new oil into the funnel to ensure the oil runs in smoothly. Be sure the oil doesn’t spill out or land on other parts of the engine or other parts under the hood.

Once you have finished pouring the oil into the funnel, make sure you place the cap on securely. Check your oil with the dipstick to make sure the right amount of oil has been added to the vehicle. You also want to make sure there is not too much oil added. Too much or not enough oil is bad for your vehicle, and can cause damage to your vehicle’s engine.

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