The Three Ram Truck Parts You Should Always Buy OEM

by | Apr 17, 2015 | Auto Parts


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Vehicle owners can sometimes save a few dollars by opting for an aftermarket or non-OEM part. Depending on what the part is, this may be a smart and budget-wise decision. However, some parts should always be purchased OEM for the safety and quality of your ride. These are the three Ram truck parts that we strongly suggest drivers purchase OEM through Mopar rather than aftermarket:

1. Body Parts

The only way that you will receive the guaranteed fit and safety of a body part is to go the Mopar OEM route. OEM body parts:

 * Have been scientifically tested and proven to be safe for your vehicle. Body parts made for your specific vehicle by the manufacturer have accurate crash and crumple zones to keep you and the occupants of your vehicle safe should you get into a crash

* Our parts fit precisely with the make, model and year of your vehicle. Aftermarket pieces are often frustratingly mismatched or create bizarre and unsightly gaps

* Match your vehicle in terms of not only color, but on corrosion protection and materials

2. Computers

Many aftermarket Ram truck parts for computers boast about being able to improve your truck’s performance. In some situations, this is certainly true. In most, it’s not. While the system may come with tons of bells and whistles, it hasn’t actually been designed for your Ram model, or it may not even be suitable for the make! Stick with a Mopar OEM computer or performance chip and you’ll be able to keep your truck running smoothly and efficiently.

3. Alternators

Aftermarket alternators are a huge risk, one that is often not worth taking. The quality of an aftermarket alternator will vary greatly, so you cannot be sure that the product you’ve received is reliable or will be able to handle your Ram truck.

 * Aftermarket alternators often have inferior wattage output. Why aftermarket alternators are often less costly than the OEMs we offer drivers is because they have a reduced maximum output wattage. This means that you will likely have insufficient resources to generate the power necessary to do the job at hand. This can lead to a discharged battery or worse.

* They drain your fuel. Poorly made alternators aren’t designed to help you save at the pump. Our OEM alternators, on the other hand, are designed specifically to be energy efficient. OEM alternators improve your Ram’s fuel efficiency since it uses less of your engine’s drive power to charge the battery and keep your electrical system up and running.

* They’re loud. Another drawback: they’re noisy. While many aftermarket varieties are rarely noticeably louder, there are some that can cause quite a racket.

* It won’t last as long. Related to the last point, the cheap bearings on an aftermarket alternator are the result of the louder sound. Cheaper bearings mean a shorter lifespan. This means you will be replacing that aftermarket alternator sooner than you’d probably like. In fact, a number of drivers have come to Mopar in search of an OEM alternator after their aftermarket piece has failed them.  Click here to know more

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