Take That Import in for Automotive Engine Repair In White Bear Lake, MN

by | Oct 18, 2017 | Automotive


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Gone are the days when having an imported car meant that finding repair services would be difficult. Imported vehicle owners were stuck taking their car to the dealership where they purchased it and often paying high prices for repairs. Now, companies offer services and repairs for all imported car owners in the White Bear area. Automotive Engine Repair in White Bear Lake MN is as simple as making a phone call or going online to a company’s site.

Available Auto Repair Services

Any kind of vehicle can need service and repairs. Vehicles work hard in all kinds of weather conditions and on roads that can be less than optimal. Drivers can push cars hard and even abuse them. All of these conditions stress vehicles and some of their engine parts, transmissions, wheels and tires, and other parts to the breaking point. Then, there are car accidents that do serious damage to cars. An import specialist such as American Imports can be a lifesaver with many types of services for import car owners.

Some services include routine maintenance, flat tire repair, engine tune-ups, performance improvement, transmission work, cooling system repair, timing belt adjustment and repair, and more. This repair garage works on all makes and models of imported vehicles.

Automotive Engine Repair in White Bear Lake MN for imported vehicles is easy to find and dependable to use. When an imported car is not running right, the owner can take it to a repair service such as American Imports for complete diagnostic services. Every part will be tested until the cause of difficulties is found.

Solving Problems

When a problem is found, the import car will be repaired expertly. All parts and labor used by repair services are warrantied. Companies with multiple vehicles can get fleet service and pricing. So, whether a person has one car or a fleet of cars, they can get preventative maintenance service to keep vehicles running perfectly, tires and wheel alignment services, performance tuning, or any other repair and maintenance services. The technicians are all well trained and American Imports is a certified Bosch Car Service Center. For additional information, please visit the web page.

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