Reasons to Consider a 14′ Ford Cube Truck Rental for Move in New York City

by | Oct 4, 2017 | Vehicles


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While some New Yorkers end up happily remaining in the same apartment for many years, others find a need to move from place to place more regularly. Whether because a promotion or new job enables an upgrade to more spacious living quarters or to put down new roots in another borough, moving can be both exciting and stressful.

Finding ways of making the process as smooth and simple as possible will inevitably pay off. In many cases, a 14′ Ford Cube Truck Rental will provide all the carrying capacity needed to check off one of the most important boxes of all.

Easy to Load, Unload, and Drive, and Ready to Accept Plenty of Cargo

While there are quite a few other options to consider, a 14′ Ford Cube Truck Rental regularly proves to be the most suitable vehicle of all to use for moves to and from locations within the city. Such vehicles offered by local companies like C.C. Rental stand out in terms of:

  • Handling and maneuverability
  • : Some drivers look at trucks of this size and immediately assume that they will be overly difficult to manage. While it will typically pay for first-time drivers to spend at least a few minutes becoming safely acclimated in a parking lot or the like, the transition tends to be fairly easy.
  • Capacity
  • : What a truck of this class delivers in exchange for a bit less ease of driving is the ability to carry a lot of possessions. A single load can include a number of large pieces of furniture along with plenty of boxes, meaning that many apartment dwellers will need to make only one trip.
  • Affordability
  • : Rounding out the menu of benefits, trucks like these also tend to be surprisingly inexpensive to rent. Particularly compared to having a professional moving company do the work, this is therefore an option that can easily save a person a good deal of money.

Moving Can Be Easier and Less Expensive Than Might Be Assumed

Especially for those with some friends or family members who are ready to help, renting a truck like this can therefore be a great way of enabling an upcoming move. Even if the vehicle might seem a bit intimidating to some at first, most find trucks of this class easy to come to grips with. You can pay a visit to Facebook page for more information.

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