Steps to Take Between a Breakdown and Auto Repair in Richmond VA

by | Aug 18, 2015 | Automotive


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A mechanical failure can happen when a driver least expects it, but that does not mean that one should drive around unprepared. In this article, readers will receive some tips that will help them be ready when a breakdown occurs.

Move the Car Out of the Roadway

After a breakdown, the driver’s first priority should be to move the vehicle to a safe location. If there’re time and the car is still running, the driver should look for a straight, flat section of roadway to avoid issues with curves and hills. Even if the car stalls while driving, the operator can steer it off the road while it’s coasting. The goal is to get the vehicle as far off the road as is possible.

However, getting the car off the road completely may not happen (such as during rush hour). If the car fails while, in traffic, the driver should stay in the vehicle, turn on the four-way flashers and call 911 right away. The authorities will send an officer out to help the driver remove the car from the roadway.

Become as Visible as Possible

The car should be made as visible as possible to avoid another accident. If the failure happens during daytime hours, the driver should turn on their hazard lights. At night, the hazard lights and the interior light should be turned on for more visibility. If it is safe, there are other steps drivers can take to increase the vehicle’s visibility. You can visit here to get more information.

Get Help

If there’s roadside assistance, the driver should call the company-;but not everyone has roadside service. Most people have cell phones, but for those who don’t there are emergency call boxes. If there’s one in a sight of the vehicle, the driver can use it to summon help. However, if there’s not one within walking distance, the driver should stay with the car until someone comes to take the vehicle to Business Name for Auto Repair in Richmond VA.

Stay With the Vehicle

Once the driver calls for Auto Repair in Richmond VA, they should remain with the vehicle until assistance arrives. If there is a roadside barrier, the driver should wait behind it. State troopers stay on common routes, and the car will be spotted sooner or later. In many cases, passing motorists will call in a breakdown; this especially applies to truckers with CB radios.

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