The Many Benefits Of Volkswagen Diesel Models

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For many years automobile buyers in the US have stayed away from vehicles powered by a diesel engine, much f the reluctance stemmed from the fact that diesels were loud, slow and contributed a lot to air pollution. This is no longer the case, Volkswagen diesel models have gained rapidly in popularity as American car buyers are now keen on fuel economy.

The main benefit of a diesel engine is fuel economy, this is very important in days of sky high fuel prices. Some models can deliver an increase of 20 percent or even more in mileage over their gasoline powered equivalent. Even those models that don’t perform to that standard still offer better mileage and they accelerate just like their gasoline counterparts.

Many car owners are taken with the performance of Volkswagen diesel models when they accelerate from a dead stop. Gasoline engines have to be revved high for best acceleration; this is not the case with a diesel. Because of this a diesel powered car often feels more powerful, especially at low speeds. If you are the type of driver that enjoys getting off quickly on a green light it may be worthwhile considering a diesel.

If you use your vehicle to tow a trailer then you will really appreciate the capabilities of a diesel. This is exactly the reason why large semi trucks are all powered by diesel, the can tow heavier loads.

The reason why a diesel can haul heavier loads that a gasoline powered engine is that the engine produces more torque. When you are looking at the performance statistics of an engine horsepower is a measure of how fast the engine can move the car whereas torque is a term used to describe the amount of work the engine can do. When you are using your car to tow a trailer it is torque that you want, not horsepower, because torque simply lets the engine do more work.

Although older diesel engines were major sources of air pollution this is no longer the case. Because of the air to fuel ratio and the type of combustion that takes place in the engine a diesel engine today produces fewer emissions. When a diesel engine is kept well tuned and has the filters replaced regularly they produce the lowest level of pollution of any engine using an oil based fuel.

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