Safety Considerations When Shopping for Used Cars in Pittsburgh

by | Apr 16, 2013 | Vehicles


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If you are shopping for used cars in Pittsburgh, it is important to take some time to familiarize yourself with the safety factors related to vehicles. Automobiles in general are as safe as ever, but that does not mean that there aren’t a number of safety issues to consider when driving. Driver inattention is a major issue on today’s roadways; people are increasingly dependent on their mobile devices—some even choose to use them while driving—this can be a very dangerous practice that puts not only the driver but those around him or her at risk.

The first and most basic safety feature to look for in a vehicle is the seatbelt. Verify that the seat belt works as intended and be sure that the seat belt is the right fit and comfort for you. Dealerships that sell used cars in Pittsburgh are likely to be more than willing to repair or replace seatbelts that don’t work for you. If you have children you will want to verify that the rear seat belts are working properly; if you have an infant or toddler you will want to ensure that a baby seat will fit as designed.

Airbags are a common feature in the modern automobile. There are several different air bag systems available in cars. Most vehicles come equipped with front air bags for the driver and front passenger; many vehicles now come with side and rear airbags as well. Be sure to discuss the various airbag options with a salesperson when searching for used cars in Pittsburgh.

The top of the car seat isn’t just a place to rest your head—it can save your life. The headrests in your car, also known as “head restraints,” help prevent whiplash and head trauma in the event of a vehicle collision. Make sure that the headrest adjusts to the proper length and width for your body. This simple device can be a true lifesaver.

There are an increasing number of new safety features available in vehicles. Some vehicles are equipped with safety systems that alert emergency services when there has been a collision or break down. Newer models often have sensors that alert the driver when the vehicle is about to make impact with an outside object or another vehicle. Computers are playing a bigger and bigger role in today’s vehicles, offering a variety of safety functions that monitor and enhance vehicle performance according to road conditions and driver actions. The good news about searching for a used car in Pittsburgh is that you don’t need to have the fancy safety features—just be sure your car has the all important basics.

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