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Musselman’s Honda is a dream that came to live for Helen and Darvin “Pappy” Musselman in 1948. Pappy was in love with motorcycles, racing, and most of all – with Honda. He and Helen built their dream together, and watched it grow and flourish. Today, Musselman’s Honda is the top Honda expert in the Tucson, Arizona area.

At Musselman’s Honda you can expect to be treated with courtesy, respect, and honesty. We don’t believe in hustling a sale. Customers need to know about the product they are buying, and why it’s the best option available for them. If we don’t believe in a product, we won’t sell it. We’ve stuck with Honda for over 60 years because we know they care about their customers and provide a quality product, the same way that we do. Put simply, we believe in Honda products.

One of the great aspects of our relationship with Honda is the quality training that it has afforded our service staff. Each of Musselman’s Honda’s service staff employees are factory trained and certified Honda technicians. They know Honda vehicles and give them the care that they need to excel. Our technicians love their motorcycles as much as Pappy did, and that’s saying quite a bit!

Musselman’s Honda doesn’t just offer you factory trained service technicians and a wide array of Honda products, however. We also keep a full stock of accessory products on hand. We’ve got helmets, jackets, knee braces, gear bags, rack bags for ATVs, maintenance kits and portable battery chargers – even toys for your little ones! If its related to motorcycles, ATVs, watercraft, or any of our other Honda product lines, we’ll have the accessories you need, too.

Because Pappy was a racer, Musselman’s Honda has always had a soft spot for racing. We know some shops choose racing over recreation or vice versa, but we make a point of providing our clients with top of the line products and services, no matter what their end goals are. We happily welcome racers, ranchers, recreational drivers, hunters and anyone else who has passion for their vehicle. Our products are so good that they sell themselves, but it’s the service we provide that has continuously brought our customers back to Business Name for all of their Honda needs. Stop by our dealership today, and we’ll show you why we’re still Tucson’s number one dealership, even after all these decades.

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