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by | Mar 7, 2013 | Automotive


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There’s nothing like having your car detailed to make it look fabulous. Car Detailing Baltimore is the best way to make your car look its best and take care of all of the little things that matter on the exterior of the car. It is an investment, but it contributes to the overall maintenance of your car and makes it look better longer. Many people admit that after their car is detailed, they fall in love with their car all over again. It’s true. The better your car looks, the more likely you are to drive it around with pride and feel stylish as you make your way around town.

There are several things to take into consideration when having your car detailed. Car detailing Baltimore is expensive, which is why it’s important to hand the car over to professionals you can trust. Car detailing is serious business and those who know it well know how to take care of a car in a way that will make it shine and appear as new as possible. It’s all about curb appeal with a car’s exterior and the professional car detailer knows how to make your car look great inside and out.

Types of Detailing

1. Interior detailing.

2. Exterior detailing.

Interior Detailing

Interior detailing includes taking care of leather interiors with conditioning to keep the leather supple. In hot, dry weather the leather can become cracked and dry. Interior detailing also includes other work such as professional vacuuming which extracts bacteria from the carpet and seats. A protective coating is also applied to the interior to keep the seats and floors in good condition after the detailing.

Exterior Detailing

Paint scratch removal is one of the key areas professional technicians focus on when detailing a car. This ensures that the car looks good from the outside and also prevents from scratches accumulating over time, which can be an expensive and time consuming job to take care of later down the road. Paint protection is another part of exterior detailing, which prevents scratches and protects the car from debris hurting the car. The professional grade wax applied to the car allows you to drive the car with a sense of security knowing that your vehicle will not be as damaged from basic wear and tear. Protect your car from the elements with car detailing that makes your car stand out.

We have professionals who know how to take care of your car and make it shine.

Car detailing Baltimore

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