Mechanical Benefits of Auto Body Repairs in Auburn, WA

by | Mar 16, 2017 | Auto Repair


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When you think about making repairs to your vehicle, you probably think about repairs to vital things like your transmission and your engine, however, there are also important auto body repairs. In many circumstances, repairs to the body of your vehicle are largely frivolous. You need to make sure that your vehicle is running in good condition, but repairs to the body are for cosmetic reasons.

However, there are also serious functional benefits to repairing the body of your vehicle that do not rely on cosmetic benefits. The main reasons are aerodynamics and protection from the elements.


The aerodynamics of cars in the 21st century is unprecedented. Cars go through hundreds of hours in wind tunnels to create the most aerodynamic profiles. They are designed to carefully balance the downward force that keeps them glued to the road to the upward trend that lowers their relative weight, and they also have to reduce the amount of turbulence they create when they are cutting through the wind. Improving aerodynamics is one of the most important functions of auto body repairs in Auburn, WA.

You should call a service such as Pro Finish Inc. if you need repairs to improve the aerodynamics of your vehicle. That can save you money as you save on gasoline.

Element Protection

You can also protect your car from the elements with some auto body repairs. As stated earlier, vehicles are designed to protect you from the elements but they are also designed to be protected from the elements.

For example, the windshield and hood are designed to direct water away from the interior of your vehicle. If water were to get into an engine that is running hot, the sudden change in temperature could actually crack the engine block, which would cost you much more than any repair to the body. The same is true of anterior bumper problems; without repair, your radiator is susceptible to damage.

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