Luxury at its Best with the Volvo S80, Find a Dealer near Rockford

by | Oct 12, 2018 | Automotive


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The Volvo S80 has been a favorite for many years because it is the perfect balance of intelligence and luxury. You get all the indulgences you expect from a new vehicle without extravagance that costs more. You also get performance with any pretenses and safety that can’t be beaten. Rockford residents are going to love the quiet confidence they have when driving such a vehicle, either on the freeway or just around town.

Safety/Technology Features

Most people want to drive knowing that they’re safe, which can be hard to do without technology. If you choose the optional Technology package, you’re sure to love all the amazing features available. For one, this vehicle can actually scout ahead to check out the road and report that information back to you; you never have to worry about what’s around the corner because you know.

The vehicle uses predictive technology, such as Adaptive Cruise Control and Collision Warnings with Automatic Braking, which monitors the car right in front of you and adjust power and brakes as needed. Such technology can also help your vehicle stay a safe distance away from others nearby.

While some features aren’t necessarily for safety, they do make you comfort and satisfy your needs, such as the Personal Car Communicator that keeps you in touch with the status of your car. Automatically check if the car is locked or not!

While you should always be alert and prepared for your journey, carmakers now know it’s easy to get distracted or feel a little tired. You can feel comfortable getting home safe because these vehicles can ensure you stay in your lane.

The Volvo S80 is sleek and smooth enough for any driver. Visit McGrath Volvo Cars Barrington near Rockford at to find your new car.

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