Exciting Features of the New Acura RDX, Find a Dealer near Lake Forest IL

by | Oct 12, 2018 | Automobile


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Lake Forest IL residents are likely to save money, build credit scores and histories, and get an excellent, secure job so that they can get a newer vehicle. While some people think a new Acura RDX costs too much, you’re sure to find financing that fits your needs. Once you see the sportiness and sleek design, you’re sure to fall in love.

While the compact SUV is designed for luxury, the price tag isn’t as much as you might think. Plus, it comes with many exciting standard features and a few upgradeable options. Plus, the RDX isn’t traditional because it has only one trim; you can choose what upgrades you want to make it unique.

No Trims

While some people like the fact that they can choose the base model or something else that fits their needs, the RDX doesn’t include trims. They make it easier to customize the vehicle to your needs. You won’t have to buy a particular trim and then upgrade to the Sports package to get something specific. You can browse the many features and packages, choosing the ones that you desire.

Standard Features

While you may worry initially that you’ll have to spend more money to get everything, many features come standard, such as a power moonroof, 5-inch touchscreen, power liftgate, rearview camera, and dual-zone climate control. You also get keyless entry to unlock and start the vehicle.

Variety of Packages

As explained earlier, you get a variety of packages you can add, such as AcuraWatch, Advance package, Technology Package and more. The AcuraWatch gives more features, such as lane-keep assist and adaptive cruise control.

The New Acura RDX changes the way you buy cars. Visit McGrath Acura of Libertyville near Lake Forest IL at https://www.mcgrathacuralibertyville.com to start searching for your color and package options now.

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