Yes there is and the same concept applies anywhere in the world where automobiles are being driven. In poorer countries, the market is probably much larger than here at home in Chicagoland and other places in the US.

Brand New Is Not Necessarily Best

If your vehicle is nearly new and a component needs to be replaced you might negate your warranty if you fit anything other than a brand new one (purchased from the maker’s dealership; possibly at a high price). However, once the warranty period is over you have the freedom to shop around for the best buys on whatever components you may need.
Whether the vehicle is really old or nearly new, most of the smaller components incorporated into it will not have been made by its actual manufacturer who, in a way, could be said to be more of an assembler putting together parts from many different manufacturers to make up their whole new automobile. This is particularly true for things like radiators, alternators, wheels and steering linkages, etc. When you buy such components from the maker’s dealership, you are, effectively paying two company’s profit mark up and you may well be able to buy the same component at a lower price direct from its actual manufacturer (this is called aftermarket sales in the motor trade).

If the vehicle in need of a component is quite old, it could be that the maker no longer stocks the component that you need since he has changed specifications since your particular model was produced (your model may even be obsolete). What can you do if the item you must have has disappeared from even the aftermarket listings? The answer can be simple.


Many a sought after component can be salvaged from a scrapped vehicle and refurbished to be as good as new – your own worn out component may even be a candidate for professional refurbishment. Take carburetors for example – how many new automobiles use them these days? But, you must have one for that vintage sports car you are lovingly restoring. Fortunately, companies like Aero Auto Parts specialize in seeking out and refurbishing top quality Used Car Parts For Chicago motorists.

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Author: Alvina Deitsch

I try to cover the topics that not many people consider like – Are brake repairs really important? and Lowering the cost of auto repairs. These topics, I feel save you from spending unnecessarily on your vehicles. You can save this money and get new accessories for your car or upgrade it.

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