Important Information on Auto Glass Installation in Minneapolis MN

by | May 21, 2015 | Automotive


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There are many ways a vehicle can be damaged, but windshield damage is the most dangerous. If a windshield has been damaged, It needs to be repaired or replaced, so the vehicle is safe to drive. A damaged windshield can be a source of danger should an accident occur. Through Auto Glass Installation Minneapolis MN, the glass of a vehicle can be properly replaced. Knowing what to expect during this procedure can help vehicle owners to be prepared.

There are several steps involved in Auto Glass Installation Minneapolis MN:

1. The first step involves the technician making sure the vehicle is properly protected so the removal of the windshield will not cause any damage. Professional technicians take extra care on this step to keep their customer’s vehicle safe.

2. Removal of the windshield takes time since the molding and clips must first be removed. The technician will then remove the urethane that holds the window in place. If a windshield has severe damage, it may end up coming out in pieces. The technician will be sure to remove any glass debris before the replacement is complete.

3. One of the most popular methods of preparing the frame for the new windshield is the full cut method. This method strips all of the old urethane from the window frame so the area can be properly cleaned. This ensures the new urethane will have no problem bonding with the frame and glass for a solid connection.

4. The new windshield must be caulked in place with a urethane sealant to ensure it will stay in place. Once this seal has cured, the molding and clips can be put back in place.

Auto glass installation is typically a fast process that can be carried out almost anywhere. The repair technicians can come out to a person’s home or work so the repairs can be carried out without any stress.

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