If You’re in the Market for 8 Lug Wheels, You Have Much to Think About

Sometimes you just want to go big. If you’re driving a truck, you’re going have big tires to deal with. The ones that came with the vehicle might do you well for a while, but eventually you’re must have to replace them with either OEM wheels or aftermarket 8 lug wheels. You probably don’t want to sacrifice quality just to get some cheaper wheels, and you shouldn’t want to. Your truck isn’t just a fashion statement, but the machine that gets you from Point A to Point B safely. While you’re more likely to get there safely in a truck anyway, getting the right wheels for the right time and place should be a part of your calculus.

What Your Wheels Will Be Used For

Before you go buying wheels, though, you should consider what you’re using your truck for. Do you do a lot of city driving, or is off-reading more your thing? Equipping your truck with the wrong rims could end up shortening your truck’s lifespan at worst, or at best end up costing you more money to replace the wheels you had just recently installed. Then again, if your truck is mostly used for commuting to and from work the kind of wheels matters a bit less. The more punishment your truck will face, the tougher and stronger the rims should be.

Think About the Colors Too

You also should think about your truck’s look. A flashy new set of 8 lug wheels on a beaten up old Ford or Chevy might seem a little too mismatched, but on a truck with a new paint job – or just a new truck those wheels might be the best choice. What about colors? Yeah, that’s right: Wheel rims can be more than just monochrome these days. Consider breaking with the subtlety if you’re looking to get noticed out on the road. If your paint job is bright but your wheels low key, who is going to notice them? A smooth set of wheels should be about more than just the size. Those 8 lug wheels can be a fashion statement as much as they can be useful.

Make Sure the Job is Done Right

You might also want to look into making sure the wheels are properly installed and calibrated. There are few things worse than forking out cash for some new rims only to take them out on the road and have the truck feel like it’s about to shake itself apart. Of course, that wouldn’t really happen, but the inconvenience of taking care of that uncomfortable eventuality should be enough to make you want to pay attention to the installation job. The right garage will be able to somehow help you road test those wheels before they ever actually get out on the open road.

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Author: phineasgray

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