How To Select Among So Many ATV Tractors

by | Oct 8, 2015 | Vehicles


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All Terrain Vehicles, or ATV Tractors as they are more commonly called, vary greatly in appearance, capacity, and performance. It can be difficult to decide which one will best suit the needs and desires. Those who are familiar with ATVs might need help selecting the right one for utility purposes. Towing capacities, wheel bases, and weight restrictions are different for some series and models. A heavy-duty ATV, for example, has a towing capacity of 1,300 pounds, while some recreational models do not even indicate a towing capacity. Beginners will need help selecting their first ATV as they have no previous experience on which to base a decision.

Experienced dealers realize the importance of the knowledgeable staff, so ones that have been in business for decades train staff to help people select the ATV they want or need. Larger dealers that sell a huge variety of machinery, lawn equipment, ATVs, and tractors, usually have dedicated staff for each category, They know the manufacturer, standard features, options and colors available, and any current sales, incentives, or special promotions. Finding the right ATV at great pricing means the customer will get maximum use out of the vehicle chose. Customers can check out website for details on available models, locations and hours of dealers, information regarding factory parts, and to fill out an online financing application.

Can-Am manufacturers ATV Tractors for all needs. There are over fifty high-quality and durable models that accommodate recreational, utility, and heavy-duty use. The DS series, for example, has three models that are designed with a longer suspension. That provides a smoother ride so younger riders and beginners can concentrate on honing their operating skills. The Outlander series, which consists of original “L”, and “Max” models, has selections that can comfortably seat two people and can be easily converted to a single ride vehicle. The Outlander X or 100R is designed for mudding, with mud guards, heavy-duty front and back bumpers, mud riding footrests, and a fifty-nine inch wheel base. Most models include a standard Dynamic Power Steering (DPS) system for control and stability. There are several colours and colour combination options from which to choose in new and used model ATVs.

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