How the Power Take Off Clutch Works

by | Jul 28, 2015 | Automotive


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The power take off clutch is known to always provide a means for the operator of a vehicle to control its operations. At Raybestos powertrain, for example, the power take off clutch is incorporated in order to provide means to either transmit or stop the function. It is part of the drive shaft. The power take off clutch is usually made up of an extra drive shaft which comes out of the gearing. It is very common in farming equipment. At times, the off-road trucks and the commercial vehicles generally come well equipped with them just to power the winches for snow plows.  The drive shaft usually works in a similar manner to the drive shafts that power car wheels.

Where Power Take Off Assemblies Are Used
Wench trucks are one of the vehicles that utilize a power take off assembly. They are also known to power a lot of farm equipment, which are seen being towed behind the tractors. The power take off assembly is often engaged or disengaged using an air valve. However, the mechanical and electrical options are still available and depend on the manufacturer year and the application.

Use with Care and Remain Safe
The power take off devices are known to be very useful in helping people to get their jobs done much faster. However, they are regarded to be very dangerous especially if they are not maintained well.  Most of the take-off assemblies usually come together with shields which help in preventing the clothing articles and appendages from being wrapped and causing damage to the person wearing said clothing. It is advised that extreme caution should always be used by anyone who is close to any of the power take-off devices. You should take extreme caution when installing a power take off the clutch on your car, and ensure the right unit is installed and that there will never be any form of interference or binding.

The PTO Clutch Parts
This type of clutch is also known to be a drive pulley which is responsible for transferring the engine power to the blade. It is made up of very few essential parts.  This pulley usually sits on the brace and is never allowed to spin around the brace. At Raybestos Powertrain, you are assured to get the best power take-off clutch. They are known for providing the most robust parts for all of your automotive needs. Visit website for more information.

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