Common Issues That Will Require Professional Car AC Service in Fort Riley KS

by | Jul 20, 2015 | Repair


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During the hotter part of the year, a car owner will have to run their AC on a regular basis. In most cases, using the AC in a car constantly will usually cause a number of repairs issues that can arise. The only way a car owner will be able to get these issues properly addressed is by using a professional. Trying to handle a job of this caliber alone will usually lead to even more damages being done. There are a number of issues a car owner can face with their AC system and each of them has different warning signs. By taking heed of these signs, the car owner will be able to get the Car AC Service in Fort Riley KS they need.

Leaking Refrigerant

One of the most serious issues that can affect a car owners AC system is leaking refrigerant. The cool air that comes through the vents of a car is produced by the refrigerant in their compressor. If there is no cool air coming out of the vents in a car, then it is safe to assume that the refrigerant is leaking from somewhere. By taking the car into a professional, the car owner will be able to get the repairs they need to get their AC back working properly.

A Bad Compressor

Another very serious problem that an affect a car’s AC is a bad compressor. The only way to get the cool air needed on a car is by having a properly working AC system. Over time, the internal components of the compressor will begin to wear out, which can bring the cooling system to a grinding halt. Usually, the car owner will be able to tell the compressor is going out due to the noise it makes.

When the signs of repair are noticed by a car owner, they will need to find a professional to perform car AC service in Fort Riley KS. The team at Ekart will be able to get the problems with a car diagnosed and fixed in no time at all.

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