Buying a new car is a big decision. If you’re in a car city, you’ll need it daily to handle chores like shopping, getting to your job, and taking the kids back and forth to school. An affordable and efficient new option is a Toyota. Why? It drives well, has low gas mileage, and isn’t expensive to repair. If you’re looking for a Toyota dealer in San Bruno, check us out.

New Car

If you have your mind set on a new car, take a look at our brand-new inventory. You can get a Toyota Camry LE Sedan Front-wheel Drive, a Toyota Corolla LE Sedan Front-wheel Drive, the Toyota Highlander LE Plus V6 Sport Utility vehicle, the Toyota 4Runner, the Toyota RAV4, or the very popular Toyota Prius LE. In fact, there are over 200 brand-new cars that we offer.


Not everyone needs or wants a new car. In fact, many people opt for the less-expensive cars that we carry in our pre-owned inventory. If a car doesn’t have a lot of mileage on it and it has been well maintained, buying a pre-owned Toyota is an excellent choice. Simply plug in the year you’d like and the brand, and we can help find the right car for your needs.

Research Models

If you aren’t too familiar with our options, you can research the available models. While Corollas, Camrys, and Prius vehicles are popular, all of our Toyota models are good choices. You can research our SUVS, our trucks, and even our cars and minivans, like the Toyota Avalon and the Toyota Sienna.

Special Offers and Finance Center

Buying a car can get expensive. However, we can help. We offer a finance department where you can apply for financing. At our Toyota dealer in San Bruno, we can also discuss things like buying or leasing. There is a military rebate and a college grad rebate, too.

Service and Parts

Besides offering new and used Toyota vehicles, you can also purchase select parts for your vehicle. Is it time to swap your tires out? Need an oil change? Need annual maintenance? Our service department also checks for recalls, so it’s a good department to be aware of.

Whether you’re purchasing a new Toyota, opting for a used one, or looking to buy individual car parts, Contact Toyota 101 in San Bruno, CA. Toyota is a good car, and we want to service yours the best we can.

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Author: Eric Spence

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