Relying on a Collision Repair Shop in North Hollywood to Restore Your Car

by | Feb 20, 2020 | Auto Repair


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When your car has been damaged in a wreck or by an act of vandalism, it can be easy to think that it can never be restored to its former appearance. After all, the damages have made it almost unrecognizable. You cannot imagine the amount of work that must go into repairing it.

However, technicians who work at a collision repair shop in North Hollywood are accustomed to working on cars with all sorts of damages. You can look forward to these techs restoring your vehicle back to its former or better appearance and value.

Replacing Damaged Auto Body Parts

Much of restoring your car’s appearance and value involves replacing parts that were significantly damaged. The technicians can take off crumpled bumpers or fenders, remove destroyed mirrors and get rid of crunched hoods or ceilings and replace them with brand new or like-new parts.

The parts are then painted to match the exact shade of your car’s color. When you get your vehicle back, you cannot tell that it had been seriously damaged.

The technicians can also perform limited engine work to make your car function like new. They can replace batteries and starters as well as parts like exhaust pipes and mufflers.

You can find out more about the services available to you at a collision repair shop in North Hollywood online. To get more details or to find out if the shop can bill your insurance, go to Schiro’s Collision Repairs.

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