Frequently Asked Questions About Wheel Alignment in Saltillo MS

Imagine cruising along the Natchez Trace Parkway, one of Mississippi’s most scenic routes, and detracting from the beauty is your vehicle wanting to bear to the left. The likely culprit is that the vehicle’s wheels are out of line requiring an appointment to have a wheel alignment in Saltillo MS. Here are some FAQ’s regarding wheel alignments:

  • How Did This Happen? -;It doesn’t require much to knock a vehicle’s wheels out of alignment. Typical offenses include hitting the tires against curbs and, of course, the dreaded pothole. Any one of which wrecks havoc with a car’s alignment.
  • How Does It Affect a Vehicle? – Essentially wheels that are out of alignment aren’t pointing in the direction they should be. When that happens, it affects the vehicle’s suspension and steering. Long-term effects include uneven, excessive, or premature wear and tear on tires. Uneven tire pressure combined with friction and resistance from road surfaces results in more gas being used because your vehicle has to work harder. You can also contact us for more information about the hazards of improper wheel alignment.
  • What are the Warning Signs? – The most common indication to the driver will be that the steering wheel seems to “pull” to the left or right. Take your hands off the wheel briefly while driving and the vehicle will drift left or right. At its worst, it may be outright difficult to steer the vehicle having dangerous consequences.
  • How Often Should Tires be Aligned or Checked? – It is recommended to have a Wheel Alignment in Saltillo MS performed every 6,000 miles. Since it only takes a tiny amount of misalignment, one cannot rely on visual inspections to make this determination. The mechanics utilize computerized equipment to evaluate your vehicle’s wheel alignment using data specific to your vehicle.
  • How is Alignment Corrected? – Every vehicle manufactured has it’s own specific wheel alignment specifications not unlike fingerprints. Using this preloaded information your vehicle’s precise alignment can be performed by the mechanic. A proper alignment ensures that your tires are parallel to each other and are perpendicular to the road.

Many car owners don’t intend to be negligent in this aspect of their vehicle’s maintenance. Most of these owners routinely have their oil changed, their windshield wipers replaced, and their tires balanced and rotated. Unless someone reminds them at the tire shop or their vehicle starts drifting, it is easy to overlook.

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Author: Eric Spence

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