America Has Finally Found Subaru

by | May 3, 2016 | Automotive


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It may seem odd that American car buyers have just discovered the new Subaru, after all the company has been active in the US market for almost 45 years. If you just look at numbers you might even miss Subaru; they have a small line-up of products, their sales represent only 2.3 percent of the market. There are competitors that with just one model outsell the entire range of Subaru. With all of this, how did Subaru become so popular in the last couple of years?

Everybody knows that the economy is getting better and it reflects in the sales of new cars, but in the case of a new Subaru, the sales numbers are up an amazing 45 percent year on year. The Subaru Forester is up even more; a staggering 89 percent and even the WRX which hasn’t changed at all in almost 10 years is up 45 percent.

There is a valid reason for this phenomenal increase in acceptance and exposure; Subaru is at the top of the heap in places where new car buyers go for advice.

One of the first places American car buyers go for background information on anything is Consumer Reports. Consumer Reports have placed Subaru above every manufacturer, including BMW, Mercedes, etc in terms of performance, reliability, comfort and utility; CR states that Subaru make the best cars in the US, period.

It is not only Consumer Reports, the Automotive Lease Guide have named Subaru as the best when it comes to retained value. On top of these accolades, the Insurance Institute for Highway safety which are responsible for conducting crash tests have given Subaru top marks for every vehicle in the lineup; no other manufacturer can claim this distinction.

Subaru have retained their focus, with resources far less than other mainstream manufacturers they have given the market exactly what they want. Right from the beginning, any new Subaru has given their owner a very reliable, well designed and manufactured vehicle that falls right in the ideal new car price range. Is it any wonder why Subaru are doing so well now, To know more information visit Hawk Subaru.

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