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by | Sep 23, 2015 | Auto Parts


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When you own an auto shop there are many decisions you will make to help make your company successful. You want to make sure you have the correct equipment and tools to complete the job when working on a customer’s automobile. You even thoroughly interview experienced mechanics to make sure you have the right employees to help meet your clients’ needs. If you are a shop that specializes in transmission problems, you know how vital it is to find a vendor that can meet your demands when it comes to quality parts for your customers’ cars. You should look for clutch plate suppliers in your area that has the reputation of providing customer satisfaction to anyone who orders from them.

The Clutch and Transmission Working Together

The clutch is the one element of your car that helps it either run or stop by providing the friction required to make the tires rotate. The clutch links the transmission and engine to the wheels and without it the automobile would not be able to move. It is a disc that is made out of a series of other discs placed inside of the transmission. The device has a very sensitive surface that is needed to cause the friction to make the wheels turn. Once engaged it will move from the flywheel that is connected to the drive shaft. Since so much force is placed on the clutch, they are made of strong materials that can withstand the heat and pressure that is caused by the friction.  The clutch works on six major parts the clutch pedal, release fork, throwout bearing, diaphragm spring, flywheel, and pressure plate.

Strive to Provide Your Customers with Quality Products and Excellent Service

When you find a trustworthy supplier to provide valuable products for your auto shop, you know that you will be able to satisfy your customer’s requirements when it comes to making their cars operational. A company that can provide you with parts at an affordable price can help keep your cost down to help satisfy your clients with excellent work at a reasonable rate. Know that you will be ordering from a business that not only worries about following the regulations and laws to provide health and safety but also to help protect the environment. You want to provide your customers with the finest service so why should you settle for less when searching for a clutch plate supplier.

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