Common Driving Hazards to Scare the Novice Driver

Whether you are a teen or adult ready to get their Quebec Drivers License there are a number of common driving hazards that can scare the wits out of you when you first encounter them. Here are a few tips to help you survive these road dangers if you should meet them on your travels:

Skids : Of course in Quebec it is very possible you will run into some road conditions that can lead to skidding. In this case there are many theories on what is best to gain control of your car. It is best not to over steer or pound too much on your brakes. Instead find a point in your view and steer towards it. Your best bet of course is to drive slowly when the roads are slippery.

Blown Out Tire : This is not necessarily a common occurrence, but it certainly is a possibility. If you experience a blow out on the highway it is best to ease your foot off the gas and allow the car to slow down. Then turn on your hazard lights and ease out of traffic to a safe area at the side of the road. In order to avoid blow outs always pay attention to the road ahead to avoid potential hazards such as debris in your path. As well check your tires regularly for damage as well as proper inflation.

Unexpected Fog or White Outs: A sudden disturbance to your view such as fog or white outs can be one of the scariest things you encounter on the road. In these conditions of course you want to slow down. You also want to turn on fog lights if your car has them (and always find out if you do have them before you drive someone else’s car) or low beams. Avoid high beams. Although this seems the logical thing to do to improve visibility the fog or snow will actually cause a dangerous glare that will make things worse. It might be tempting to stop driving or pull over to the side of the road. However in these conditions this is actually more dangerous as there is a very good chance you will be hit by drivers who lose their way. If you can, exit off the highway or watch for a plaza or safe place to park, other than the roadside. Of course if you can avoid driving at all this is your safest bet.

These tips will help keep you safe once you get your Quebec drivers license.

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Author: Alvina Deitsch

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