Put Your Wrecked Vehicle Back on the Road With Collision Repair in Johnson County

by | Feb 5, 2015 | Automobile


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An automobile accident can be a very trying experience at best. Once you have all the concerns for any passengers taken care of, you need to focus on Collision Repair in Johnson County. Automotive collision repair can range from simple, paintless dent removal to full-blown body reshaping and paint application. However, collision repair can require some very talented vehicle mechanics because a wreck can also damage the mechanical components of the car or truck. For instance, damaging the front of your car can ruin the radiator, water pump, battery, front end or even the engine. Repairing these particular problems could require strong mechanic skills along with body repair knowledge.

Recovering from an automobile wreck can be a long process, but fixing your car needn’t be. In minor cases, the use of paintless dent repair will be all that is required. This is a method of removing dents that works well as long as the metal isn’t creased or the paint isn’t cracked or chipped. It works because modern automotive paint is designed to be resilient. An impact can stretch the metal and paint, which is part of the reason that paint may crack when the metal crumples. However, if the metal simply pushes in, then the auto body specialist can usually pop it out without too much trouble.

More serious repairs may require the replacement of certain body parts. Removable components, like the front fenders, doors, bumpers, and glass, make collision repair reasonably easy to handle. If the vehicle has been hit in the rear quarter panels, then things could be a little harder to fix. Severe damage may require the body shop to cut out certain parts and weld in replacements. This type of extensive repair can require the application of body putty to fill in the holes. Once the putty is in place, the shop will need to sand the filler down so everything is smooth. The next step is primer and paint. The application of paint requires a clean, dry space so dirt or moisture doesn’t ruin the fresh spray. If your car is in need of Collision Repair in Johnson County, be sure to Visit Warrensburg Collision Repair Center.


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