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by | Mar 19, 2013 | Automobile


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Applying window tint is a very tricky job, it must be put on perfectly otherwise a nasty wrinkle can easily happen, and it is literally impossible to remove the wrinkle. Although there may be a few who attempt the application themselves, window tint in Grapevine, TX is best done by professionals.

In many urban centers, there are many shops that apply window tint, picking the shop that provides the best quality in both tinting material, and installation can be tricky. If window tinting is something you are thinking of for your car or home, consider the following.

First, do some research, it is not difficult to find people who have their car windows tinted, ask them who did the work, and if they are satisfied. If you do not have any friends or family members that have tinted windows, go to the closest shopping mall parking lot and ask people who have. Once you have four or five candidates who come recommended, go and interview them all.

How long have they been in business?

Due to the proliferation of shops, if your quality, service, price, etc., is not first class, the chances of staying in business are slim. The shops that apply the best window tint Grapevine, TX prosper, regardless of the competition. A shop which has at least five years in the business, especially if the location has never changed, is a sure indication of quality and should anything ever go wrong with the tint; they will be there to look after the problem.

What tinting material do they carry and is there a warranty?

The best tinting shops carry the best materials. They will have stocks of various materials from a number of different manufacturers. The materials that are commonly used are dyed, metallic and hybrid, all in a number of different colors and shades of darkness. If the shop you are interviewing only has a limited stock and the sales pitch is overly aggressive, the material may have been purchased as a second and will not last as long as quality, first-grade material.
The warranty that the tint shop offers is the warranty that is offered by the film manufacturer. The manufacturers of the best quality tinting material will back their product with a lifetime warranty for both material and installation labor.

When the window tint in Grapevine, TX has been applied, you should expect a warranty card from the manufacturer of the film showing the date of installation and the cost.

Ask to see samples of their work:

Anything can sound great over the phone, but a few minutes in the shop will tell you far more. Take time to visit the shop, look at the facilities and check the work in progress. The film should be applied indoors in a dust-free environment, when you look at vehicles in process, check the fit of the tint, look for any tell tale bubbles and check that all the edges are well sealed.

Looking for high-quality tint series to choose from and all applied by skilled technicians, Sunray Customs will be a better source for window tinting for you. Visit them online.

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