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by | Mar 21, 2013 | Used car


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The term “recycling” has come to be a very common one in our society today. Almost every home has weekly recycling pick up along with trash. This even typically includes separate pickups for different types of material-cardboard, paper, glass, plastics, food, yard waste and more are often separated and collected one at a time. A generation or two ago, this was not the case as recycling was most commonly somebody collecting their aluminum cans and taking them down to a specific location to get a few cents a can. This was not a common practice and it is interesting to see how far we have come in recycling services in Ft. Collins.

Our world today has realized the importance and precious nature of its resources and the wish to protect those and reuse items when and where possible is now in the forefront of everyone’s mind. Similarly, the issue of what to do with things that are no longer usable has become more important as disposal of goods is more streamlined, too. This is seen in many industries and far beyond the typical domestic trash and recycling pickups. Auto recycling services in Ft. Collins also play a huge role in these efforts.

Junk yards have been around and been common for a long time-far before “recycling” or “being green” was considered chic or the right thing to do for a bigger purpose. Auto wrecking yards were borne really from a logistical reason-there simply needed to be a place to take old cars when they were no longer driveable or wanted and were beyond being able to be sold to most people. Additionally, it was quickly identified that these cars almost always had something still usable in or on them and it seemed like a waste to throw away that opportunity to make money selling them. Smart businesspeople quickly established a system for taking in the old parts and selling the components to others that need them at a much lower rate than a car dealer or auto parts store would charge.

Auto recycling services in Ft. Collins have long been leaders in the concept of reduce, reuse and recycle. They also commonly know how to prepare cars and remaining parts for their ultimate recycling. This cycle of reselling parts is a fabulous way to live out the efforts of recycling in our world and save money as well.

provides several auto recycling services in Ft. Collins that offer quality used auto parts & also pay cash promptly for old cars.

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