Auto Body in Lubbock: Reshaping Your Ride

by | Nov 6, 2013 | Automobile maintenance‎


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Cars are part of the family here in Texas. Automobiles are our babies and taking care of them is second nature to true, die hard car lovers. Those who have a tendency to like their ride to shine and their interior to smell like anything other than the new car smell treasure their autos and want them pristine no matter what happens. At times, nature strikes causing hail damage or minor scrapes may occur from road construction which seems to always be happening in Texas. There are even times when an unfortunate accident might wreck the beauty of a vehicular prized possession and when that happens come to Auto Body in Lubbock.

A car can incur bangs and scrapes from a variety of causes but one thing is for sure, restoring the beauty of a ride is confidentially achieved with the tender, loving care of skilled technicians that will bring any ride back to life. Different techniques are needed to be utilized, depending on the extent of the damage to the vehicle. Auto detailing, painting, repair to fenders, and auto glass as well as replacing door panels, hoods, or any other body part of the vehicle may be needed to restore the car to its original luster. Affordable and quality work is done regardless of the cars condition and most insurance is accepted to make getting the car repaired even easier.

Auto Body in Lubbock also does frame work. They can repair a vehicles damaged frame with state of the art equipment resulting in extraordinary results that can extend the life of the auto for many more years. Free estimates are available and all work is guaranteed. Don’t throw a long and trusted friend away just because of a little rust and a few dents. Even a major collision can be undone and your ride can be restored to its bright and beautiful self once again. An evaluation and estimate is complimentary and will give your ride a diagnosis to help in making an informed decision on its future. Don’t give up on your baby. It may just need a little buff and shine.

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