Most people want to buy a brand new vehicle to ensure they’re getting the latest advances in automotive technology. A vehicle that’s just a few years older will have most of those advancements but will provide a better driving experience. Here are a few reasons you should look for a certificated pre-owned vehicle when you visit a Volkswagen dealership in San Mateo, CA.

Get More Vehicle for Your Money

Since a brand new vehicle loses 30% of its value within the first two to three years of ownership, buying a slightly older vehicle will save you a great deal on your total purchase cost. This means you can buy a model that would be out of your price range if you were to buy it brand new. Alternatively, you can buy the model you intended to buy and pocket the savings.

Enjoy a Smoother Ride

A brand new vehicle will require minor repairs and adjustments during the first few months of ownership. A certified pre-owned vehicle will already have had these bugs worked out. This means you’ll enjoy a smoother ride from the moment you drive your next vehicle off the lot.

Save on Monthly Costs

When you buy a used vehicle from a Volkswagen dealership in San Mateo, CA, you’ll have less that you’ll need to finance. You’ll also be able to insure your vehicle for less. This will save you on monthly auto expenses, giving you more financial freedom to enjoy your new vehicle.

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Author: Eric Spence

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