Safety Tips While Driving in a Parking Garage Near River North

by | Jan 11, 2022 | Parking


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A parking garage is beneficial if you plan to stay in an area for an extended period of time or if there is no parking in lots or on the street. However, you should keep in mind a few safety practices to ensure that your vehicle and others leave the garage in the same condition as they entered.


If possible, try to park as far away from other cars in a parking garage near River North as possible. Many drivers like parking near the entrance of the lot so that they can get out faster, but if there’s a large event in the area, then it could result in a traffic jam if everyone leaves at the same time. Parking away from everyone else can decrease the risk of someone getting impatient and possibly hitting your car while trying to leave.

Vehicle Amenities

While in a parking garage near River North, utilize the amenities of your vehicle. These include your horn to let other drivers know that you’re there and that you’re getting ready to leave the parking space or back up, your turn signals to let other drivers know which direction you’re going, and your horn to let others know that they are in your way if they decide to pull out in front of you as it can be difficult seeing in a dim garage.

Drive With Care

When you leave the garage, you want to proceed with care. Watch traffic in all directions, and look for drivers who are getting in their vehicles as some might not see you and try to leave while you’re driving down the aisle.

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