Why Wider Wheel Rims Are Better

by | Sep 18, 2014 | Automotive


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Ever since movies like The Fast and The Furious, and games like Need for Speed Underground have captured their markets, customizing cars has been a big thing among many auto enthusiasts – from amateurs to professionals. Most of these custom jobs are actually more aesthetic than anything else, but there are some serious collectors out there that really go all out. One of the most common upgrades that people tend to ignore is the rims.

There’s a sublime beauty to wider rims. 26 inch rims look fantastic as these leave very little of the often unsightly wheel back to be viewed. So what you have left is fantastic chrome with just a lip of black. On a decked out Japanese custom car or a European luxury sports car, these look great. Costly, yes, but great-looking and that’s why most people skip them when on a budget. Despite what most people think, Rohana rims are not just about looks, they’re also about boosting performance.

Every upgrade that you put into your custom ride is a performance booster in one or more aspects. Engine upgrades, for example, will help with your top speed and acceleration. Upping the suspension will help with stability and handling. Exhaust updates, for their part, will make your ride more fuel-efficient over all. When it comes to rims, what gets tweaked and affected is cornering ability. Wider diameter rims allow you to corner and turn much more fluidly and easily—the wider the better, in fact. And in any race, that’s a pretty important ability to have.

The tires that allow the car to run must be very sturdy and stable. They’re designed to take a beating. But, for all intents and purposes, they’re still pretty much rubber held taut by air. And, over time—and with particularly rough usage—that rubber does tend to wear thin. It’s not only a real danger, but quite the expense as well. Standard tire rims have a huge allowance for the tire and so they are more vulnerable. With rims as wide as 26 inch rims, there is less of this vulnerability and so performance can be expected to be stellar.

The larger diameter allows for a lower aspect ratio, allowing for the same diameter nd circumference with less vulnerability to damage and wear. That means that the torque and traction control remains unchanged. So, when you think about it, given the relatively low cost of purchasing Rohana Rims versus other car part upgrades, balanced against the benefits, they make a great investment indeed. While you’re at it, go for the 26 inch rims. There’s a reason 26 inch rims are mentioned a lot: they’re really worth it.

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