Why Buy A Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle?

by | Dec 19, 2017 | Automotive


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Established car dealers in Wheeling are in a position to offer their customers new cars as well as used and certified pre-owned vehicles. In reality, any car that is not brand new is “pre-owned,” but in this sector, it means something different. A used car is one that has been taken in trade by the dealer and is not the same make as what is sold at the dealership. In many cases. it may not be up to the dealer’s standard and it is sent to auction where they will invariably end up on the corner used- car lot.

There is a middle ground between a brand new car and a used car. A certified pre-owned car has many of the features that would be expected on a new car, but for less money. Buying a CPO car can make a lot of sense – it is well worth looking into the program being offered.

  • Warranty: A major benefit of buying a certified pre-owned car is the fact that is accompanied by an extended warranty. If you look hard enough you can find a used car with some factory warranty left but when it is over, there are no extensions and all problems are yours. When you purchase a CPO vehicle, you will get a generous warranty.
  • High-quality vehicles: Many certified pre-owned cars are those that have come off lease and have been well maintained and have low mileage. Before car dealers in Wheeling can sell a car as CPO, it must be put through a list of tests conducted by factory trained technicians. Any repairs that are found to be necessary are made, any worn parts are replaced. When you take ownership of a CPO vehicle, there should be no problems.

Although a certified pre-owned car is somewhat more expensive than a used car, it is less costly than a new car and offers many of the same benefits.

The best car dealers in Wheeling offer new, used, and certified pre-owned vehicles. To discuss the advantage of CPO cars, visit Arlington Heights Ford.

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