When To Schedule A Tune Up For Your Car

by | Feb 7, 2019 | Oil Change Service


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If you are like most drivers in New Jersey, you do not spend time worrying about your vehicle until there is a strange noise, a problem with the car or it breaks down and leaves you stranded.

Most of the new vehicles on the road have automatic lights on the dash that come in based on mileage, which helps drivers to know when to schedule a tune up. Older vehicles may not have these sensors and reminders, and it is possible for lights to burn out or drivers to simply ignore the warning even on vehicles equipped with the reminders. This means even if the vehicle needs a tune up, the driver may not be getting the message.

Read The Manual

Your vehicle manual provides complete information on when your car or light truck needs a tune up. For virtually all vehicles, this is stated based on the number of miles on the car, or it may be indicated as every set amount of time.

It is important to stick with the manufacturer’s recommendations for these maintenance visits. Failing to maintain the vehicle can impact warranties and other types of separate coverage you may have on the car.

If you no longer have the manual for your vehicle, most information is readily available online. You can also call the dealership and ask for information on when to schedule a tune up.

Hire Professionals

While some people in New Jersey have the time, knowledge and tools to complete their own maintenance work, having professionals complete the job is still recommended. Mechanics can provide information on potential issues with the car, giving drivers the heads up of potential problems.

Remember, mobile maintenance services are available. This allows you to schedule the work at your convenience, with the mechanic coming to your home or business to complete the work.

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