What You Should Expect from a Nassau Subaru Dealer

by | Apr 29, 2016 | Car Dealer


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For everyone who holds a license, one thing is clear: you need a car in order to get from point “A” to point “B.” But where you buy your new vehicle can make a huge difference in not only your car buying experience but in the vehicle you take home and the price you were able to purchase that new ride for.

Grand Prix Subaru is a qualified Nassau Subaru Dealer with a great reputation for offering the most competitive prices on our vehicles. Our dealership is also able to offer several value-add services, all of which you should also expect from your dealership.

A Wide Selection of New and Used Vehicles

The Nassau Subaru Dealer of your choosing should have an array of both new Subaru vehicles and used vehicles available on their lot. This is why:

Ideally everyone will go home in a brand new car. Unfortunately, this “ideal” is not a possibility for people who may want a particular make and model of car, or who simply do not have the finances to purchase a new vehicle. In these situations, many drivers can then choose from a large selection of used vehicles to make sure that their needs, wants, and expectations are met.

While on the topic of used vehicles, make sure that the vehicles you choose are certified. Our dealership, Grand Prix Subaru, makes sure that each and every pre-loved and pre-owned Subaru is certified, so that you know that you are going home with a quality vehicle that will surpass your expectations.

Top-of-the-Line Warranties and Guarantees

Our dealership is proud to have some of the most competitive warranties and guarantees available to present to drivers of both new and used cars. Most new cars come with a manufacturer’s warranty, though you may be able to obtain additional protection through us here at Grand Prix Subaru.

Used vehicles are a larger concern when it comes to warranties and guarantees. If a vehicle is 4 years old or younger, we will advise drivers how much time is left on the new vehicle warranty. We may allow them the opportunity to purchase an additional warranty or guarantee on their vehicle and its parts. Keep in mind that we are typically only able to extend this offer on used Subaru vehicles so as to avoid lengthy insurance claims.

Fantastic Mechanical Servicing of Your Vehicle

When you purchase a vehicle from a Nassau Subaru Dealer, you should consider that to be a long-term relationship. Customers who purchase vehicles from our dealership here at Grand Prix Subaru are not only treated to superior customer service; we will also provide ongoing professional and cutting-edge mechanical servicing to ensure that that their vehicles continue to operate as expected when out on the road or beyond.

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