What You Can Do to Help Your New Tires Last Longer in Bridgeview

by | Jan 31, 2023 | Automobile


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When it comes time to replace your tires in Bridgeview, IL, you’ll want to choose good quality tires with durable tread. Buying good tires is an investment in your car as well as ensuring better highway safety. You’ll help those new tires last longer by following a few basic tire care tips.

Check Tire Pressure Every 30 Days

When you bring your vehicle in for service, your mechanic will usually check tire pressure as a basic service. Between visits to your auto repair shop, be sure you’re checking the pressure in your tires every month. This is especially important when it’s colder outside since the winter months put a bigger drain on air pressure. Tires that aren’t properly inflated can cause driving safety issues, increase tread wear, and cause you to burn more fuel.

Regularly Rotate Your Tires

Treadwear occurs unevenly on each tire, so it’s important to routinely rotate your tires. Many tire providers offer free rotations to their customers. Even if you have to pay extra for this service, it won’t cost more than a few dollars. As a good rule of thumb, have your tires rotated every 6,000 up to 8,000 miles.

Avoid Parking in the Sun

In the summer, the sun can produce enough heat to soften your tires in Bridgeview, IL. As you drive on soft tires, they will be more vulnerable to sharp stones, glass, nails, and other obstacles on the road. Try to park in the shade, under carports, or in covered garages when you can. It’s also a good practice to inspect your tires before driving on highways. When it’s time for new tires, contact VIP Tire Corporation today.

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