What To Look For In Auto Mechanic Companies in Forest Lake MN

by | Aug 19, 2016 | Auto Repair


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A good auto mechanic is somebody to be cherished. They develop a relationship with each vehicle that is brought into the shop on a regular basis and get to know each car’s characteristic. Here are a few tips on finding auto mechanic companies in Forest Lake MN.

    • Check what certifications are held by the mechanics at the shop. ASE Certified is the most common one to look for and the certification will state what particular skills each mechanic has. This is a wonderful indicator on much the mechanic is dedicated to his or her craft.
    • Check to see if they are recommended by AAA. By being AAA-certified, it means they have been independently verified by AAA to make sure their credentials are what they say they are. While this should not be a deal breaker, it does act as an extra layer of protection from shifty businesses.
    • Ask friends, family members, and/or co-workers. Everybody has at had their car worked on at least once in their life and they can provide details on which business to frequent and which to avoid.
    • There are plenty of legitimate consumer review sites online that can provide additional details on who is highly recommended. Try and visit only the well-known sites as the little-known sites are often set up by scammers only looking to mislead and make a quick buck.
    • There are also sites that will breakdown the ballpark costs for labor and parts that should be charged. This way the information can be compared to what the shop says the costs will be when they are called. Any shop that quotes prices significantly higher should be avoided.
    • Will they work on the car? Some shops specialize in certain makes of cars or do not work on imports at all. Make sure that the shop being considered will be able to actually work on the vehicle.

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