What to Do After an Auto Collision in Newport News, VA

by | Nov 22, 2017 | Auto Repair


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A collision can happen for many different reasons. Often, one party is considered to be at fault. In those cases, the person who is at fault is responsible for fixing your vehicle. Their insurance will cover your expenses but only at certain places. If you are at fault or if the insurance-provided mechanic does not do the best job, you need to choose a different body shop to help you. Fixing your vehicle after an auto collision is more than just aesthetic. There are also functional considerations.

Functional Considerations

Many of the repairs you might seek after an auto collision in Newport News, VA might seem purely cosmetic, but they’re not. They will also affect the way your vehicle drives and the amount of money it costs to drive it. For example, if the collision damages your bumper, it might not be the originally designed shape. This misshapen bumper might seem as if it is a cosmetic consideration, but a bumper that is misshapen can also ruin the aerodynamics of your vehicle. Since the vehicle was designed in a wind tunnel to be aerodynamic, any change to that structure can ruin your gas mileage. A change in the gas mileage of even a few miles per gallon can cost you hundreds of dollars in the coming weeks.

At Bruce’s Super Body Shops, you can have that problem addressed along with various other problems, including some unseen problems that need to be addressed.

Unseen Issues

There are unseen issues after an auto collision that need to be addressed by a talented mechanic. For example, a collision can damage structural components without actually breaking them. If they are slightly damaged, you might not even notice. However, bends and cracks on the framework components can rust over time. They’ll become weak points in the frame and eventually might break. This additional damage can happen as the result of even a minor collision.

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