What To Consider When Buying Trailer Axles in North Dakota

by | Jul 4, 2017 | Automotive


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The axle is the heart of a trailer. Consider all the work a trailer does and how much weight it must carry. Without adequate support from the axles, the trailer is useless. For example: a horse trailer ends up hauling about 9,000 lbs in toto. That includes the trailer’s weight, the weight of two horses, and the weight of feed and supplies for those two animals. Imagine how much trouble there would be if one or both axles were to snap or fail in some other way during the transit?

This is what makes the purchase of Trailer Axles in North Dakota such an important decision. Axles have to be selected to fulfill two conditions: Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW), the aforementioned combined weight of the entire assembled trailer and its intended cargo, and Gross Axle Weight (GAW), the percentage of load weight that will end up being distributed to the axles and wheels. This value is perhaps the more important in the consideration since upon it rests the basis for how much mass the trailer can haul before axle failure would occur. Usually, the assumption is to calculate this value on the basis of 75% of GVW. In the horse trailer example, that would work out to roughly 6750 lbs. Given that horse trailers usually ride on two axles, that gives a trailer owner the information he needs regarding which axles to purchase based on their rated GAW. For a horse trailer with two axles, each one should be rated for at least a 4000 lb load.

It is desirable not only to have axles that will adequately carry the load, but also provide the smoothest ride for that load. Even if it’s not horses that are being transported, there are many different types of loads that should not or cannot be jostled or bumped in a trailer that gives too bouncy a ride. And axles that are too light will not only suffer progressive road heat damage from overload; but they’ll also go though tires like candy and need frequent repairs. That is, they will before they eventually snap under the burden of one overload too many.

Equipping a trailer with the right axles for the anticipated load is as important as any other decision an owner will make about its equipment. Go to the website Website Domain and check out their full inventory. Make certain to choose wisely when purchasing trailer Axles in North Dakota.

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