What Questions Should You Ask When you Buy a Used Dodge in Chicago?

by | Jan 9, 2013 | Automotive


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Before you buy a used Dodge in Chicago there are a number of questions you may want to have answered. Straight forward questions make up part of the lot to be asked, then there are others you want to ask when you first come into contact with the seller face to face, then still others you can ask online, or over the phone. Still left are the questions that can only be answered when you are looking at the used Dodge in Chicago. Failing to ask enough questions before you buy can easily land you with a lemon.

So to start with when you first see an ad for a used Dodge in Chicago on Craigs List or in the Tribune where should your questions begin? Well if the ad fails to say immediately be sure to ask how many miles are on the car. With just this and the condition of the car you can estimate the fair market value by visiting consumer web sites like Edmunds.com or Kelly Blue Book .com or cars.com, all of them have valuation tools where you can enter the year, make, and model with the mileage and the condition of the car and it will give you an estimated range.

Next is the condition of the car, ask them to rate the used Dodge in Chicago as Excellent, no exterior or interior damage, just regular use wear and tear that is appropriate for the cars age and a car that was generally garage kept; Good, a car that may show slight wear on the interior or a car that belonged to a smoker, or a car with no exterior damage, but over and above regular wear on the interior; or Fair, a car that may have a rip on the interior cloth, or a scratch or dent on the exterior but other than the one spot is in good condition. How the seller of the used Dodge in Chicago rates the condition and how you or a dealer may rate the condition are generally not the same, still it gives you the place to start. In general, assume that the condition is one level worse than what the seller describes.

Once you are face to face with the seller and look the car over for yourself there are other questions that are good to ask, such as , why is the car being sold? If the seller needs to buy a new car you can best believe that they are going to try and stick to the asking price and be less willing to make a deal than in a different situation. For instance in the case where a parent has passed away and no one in the family needs the car, or if the youngest child just left home for college and there is no longer a driver in the house for the car. These are the types of situations that the money is desired but not absolutely needed so they may be more apt to take an offer.

Whenever you are looking to buy a used Dodge in the Chicago area be sure to ask as many questions as you can before you begin the final negotiation on the price. Remember the only silly question is one you don’t ask.



By asking these questions you will get a good idea of the cars condition. If you don’t want to worry about the condition, buy your used Dodge in Chicago from Hawk Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep in Forest Park, IL.



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